Rachel is a registered holistic nutritionist (CNP), private chef, entrepreneur, wellness expert, teacher, host, and solo mama. After years in fashion, she decided to take it to the plate and make nutrient-dense food yummy and pretty! Whether it’s feeding busy families, entrepreneurs, corporate zoom cooking classes, brand collaborations or chasing a nearly two-year-old - Rachel embraces “messy chaos”’. Community, travel, giving back and being an ecoparent is a huge inspiration to all that she does. Whether it’s teaching and helping clients eat more local, pump up their veg or a no-waste kitchen - Rachel tries to keep it fun, delicious + nutritious. A lover of creation and inspiration, you can find her in her off time in the kitchen or exporting all things food, lifestyle and wellness with a dose of FUN. @rachelbies_  | rachelbies.com

Rachel Bies