EcoParent Ambassadors

Mothers, Leaders, EcoParent Ambassadors. These influencers are leading the movement for a more ethical, eco-conscious and sustainable future for our children.

Meagan Wilson

Meagan Wilson

Meagan Wilson is an educator and parent with a focus on Waldorf renewal. She is the author of the now-retired seasonal series of Whole Family Rhythms Guides. After she finished her BA in International Development, Philosophy and World Religions she went on to complete her Foundations in Steiner Education and Anthroposophy at Sydney Steiner College, as well as her Waldorf Early Childhood Certification at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto.  She has received her certification as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and has supported hundreds of parents to create a strong family rhythm unique to their own values and culture. Her days are spent (newly) homeschooling on their hobby farm with a focus on bringing critical consciousness to their everyday life. @meaganrosewilson |

Meera Jain

Meera JainMeera Jain is a passionate eco-blogger, a dedicated elementary school teacher, and a loving mother of two young girls. She was inspired to make significant lifestyle changes after watching the documentary A Plastic Ocean. For two years now, Meera and her family have been living a low-waste life while reducing their carbon footprint - and they couldn't be happier! Being an ecoparent to Meera means modelling environmentally friendly values to her children and teaching them to treat the earth with respect and love. @thegreenmum |

Jen Panaro

Jen Panaro

Jen Panaro, creator of Honestly Modern, is a self-proclaimed composting nerd and advocate for eco-friendly living for modern families. She's a serial library book borrower, a messy gardener, an avid composter, and insatiably curious. She's also a wife, mom to two boys, and one of five sassy sisters. Honestly Modern, her online space, explores climate action, zero waste living principles, regenerative gardening, and intersectional environmentalism, all through the lens of modern family life. @honestlymodern |

Farai Harreld

Farai HarreldFarai Harreld is a Post-Partum Doula, Folk Herbalist, Urban homesteader, Writer, and Caregiver. Currently living and loving in Kaw and Osage land in Kansas. A mom with a love of life and penchant for all things minimalist and eco-friendly. Farai is a writer and blogger at and podcaster for Her passions include empowering people to reclaim simple herbal medicine as their birthright and becoming a good ancestor. Find her over at @thehillbillyafrican on Instagram. 

Sarah Robertson-Barnes

Sarah Robertson BarnesSarah Robertson-Barnes lives with her husband and two elementary-aged children in the suburbs of Toronto. She has a background in neuroscience and has been a high school teacher and a medical writer. Sarah runs a blog about low waste living in a culture of convenience and their steps toward a simplified life. Sarah believes that living a sustainable lifestyle with kids is not only possible but critically important for our future and theirs. She hopes that by sharing what works for her family, her readers are inspired to make changes in their daily lives as well. Sarah follows a plant-based diet, lives on a farm in her mind and would like a small one in real life someday

Sophi Robertson

Sophi RobertsonSophi Robertson lives a low waste lifestyle, since 2016, with her husband and daughter in Toronto, Canada. Sophi, also known as @yourecofriend on Instagram, is a Zero Waste Speaker and Consultant and works for Spent Goods as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator. Her goal is to make a sustainable lifestyle fun, practical and accessible. She strives to educate, inspire and empower people to reach their eco goals through waste reduction and community activism. She is very excited to join the EcoParent community and plans to share her tips, tricks and struggles of living low waste, mental health and parenthood. You can usually spot Sophi wearing something yellow and laughing loudly while dancing or learning to roller skate. She has been featured in Toronto Life magazine, CTV's The Social, CBC's Marketplace, CTV News, The National, The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. @yourecofriend | 

LaToya Granados

LaToya GranadosLaToya Granados is the Founder & CEO of The New Mom Show. She is also the co-host of The New Mom Show podcast and a yoga and gardening instructor by trade. LaToya is married to her high school best friend, Andres, and has a 3-year-old daughter named Juliana. She and her family live in SoCal currently but are looking to move somewhere with more trees. She is passionate about doing life, and motherhood in particular, as purposefully as possible. That includes modelling her values for her daughter in a way that teaches her daughter to be authentic, kind to others, and intentional about taking care of the earth and her community. She is obsessed with motherhood and is an advocate for healing, self-care, and green living.  @the_new_mom_show

Alana Kramarchuk

Alana KramarchukAlana Kramarchuk is a passionately organic homeschooling mom. She is a certified organic crop farmer, herbalist, safe food advocate and owner of Earth Valley Organics - a regenerative eco-farm and place for healing. She grows commercial herbs & medicinal plants for her community and companies such as St. Francis Herb Farm and LUSH Manufacturing. She is a member of the Toronto non-GMO coalition and advocates for the importance of unmodified, toxin-free food. Alana is a former public school teacher with a Master's in Education from the University of Toronto, and now educates others about sustainable living and regenerative food growing practices and habitat preservation. It is her mission to instil environmental stewardship through Youth initiatives.  Alana is passionate about making a difference through community, education and inspiring others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. @earthvalleyorganics_alana | 

Nicole Spring

Nicole SpringNicole Spring is the mama to a Waldorf homeschooling, nature-loving, garden harvesting, simple living, organic-powered family just trying to remember the beauty of the simple things every day. After what feels like a lifetime of wishing and planning, she is finally living out her frontier dreams with her own little Pevensie tribe of four children (but hopes to adopt more!) on a homestead amongst the Amish in Pennsylvania. Nicole believes in compassion and empathy and feels they will help make our world a better place. She is a people-loving, introverted, unorganized mess and doesn't try to hide it. Thankfully, knitting, canning, homesteading work, and soothing crafts calm her nerves. You can usually find her outside wrangling her feathered flock or inside, creating herbal remedies and nature crafts - always with a camera in hand to document her days so she may look back at these glorious yet exhausting times.

Ashley Amanda

Ashley M

Ashley is a Canadian homeschooling mom of two, who started Bumps to Bundles while trying to conceive her first child. Bumps to Bundles is a Youtube channel dedicated to educating first-time moms and has expanded to incorporate conception, pregnancy, newborns and homeschooling. The inspiration for her eco-conscious parenting philosophy started in her teens when she was heavily influenced by her Aunt, who raised her children with vegan and eco-friendly choices. Ashley enjoys adventuring and exploring the outdoors with her family and commits to raising her children to be advocates for a healthier planet. She is a strong believer in open-ended play and alternative/eclectic schooling. Ashley makes environmental stewardship an important component of her children's education. @play.with.sunshine | Bumps to Bundles


Hannah Walton

Hannah WaltonHannah lives in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She previously worked in the software industry before following her heart to be a stay-at-home mom (who ironically almost never "just stays at home").  She is a big believer that there is "no such thing as bad weather" and can be found almost daily exploring the marvelous mountains and forests around her home. Though, to be honest, some of her favorite days are spent with falling snow, hot tea, blankets, and reading books with her daughter by the fire. She is an advocate for natural parenting, raising children to be stewards and lovers of the earth, and sustainable living. She hopes that by sharing her story, others will be inspired to connect with their inner #EcoParent. @hannahbandanarama