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Imagine a key that could open a treasure trove of secrets locked within your very DNA. This season, we invite you to not only unveil the mysteries of you and your loved ones’ genetic stories, but also begin an exciting new chapter of your health and wellness journey.

MyBlueprint: The Genetics & Nutrition Connection

How we fuel our bodies each day matters, and research abounds as health experts have spent years trying to pin down the “perfect” lifestyle and diet. But what if there is no single, perfect solution for all? What if our individual DNA already holds the answers to some of our most burning health questions? Using cutting-edge technology to identify your unique genetic variations, AOR has created a lifelong roadmap to follow: MyBlueprint. This DNA-based report reveals personalized nutrition insights with a straightforward action plan developed through nutrigenomics; this is the future of health and wellness.

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Nutrigenomic testing–or the study of how genes and nutrients interact–can provide a shortcut around traditional trial-and-error methods, especially when it comes to figuring out our ideal diet and supplement needs.

Follow The Blueprint For Better Health

Just as each person’s fingerprint is unique, so is our body’s blueprint for optimal health. Using one simple swab of DNA, MyBlueprint captures all it needs for researchers to create your one-of-a-kind nutrition and lifestyle report. Inside, you’ll find 84 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), 65 genes, 41 clinical endpoints, and eight key health categories. Let’s take a closer look at the health categories your report will explore.


Most “one-size-fits-all” approaches to diet are lacking in nuance, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to the polarizing claims we hear about carbohydrates and fats. Should we all grab our proverbial pitchforks and eradicate them from our diet for good (anyone remember the “low-fat craze” days)? Or could our genes unveil more layers to this classic “villain” tale? MyBlueprint will uncover your genetic response to these nutrients, so you can hit the grocery aisles armed with more knowledge and less fear.

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Have you ever suspected you might have a “food frenemy” quietly wreaking havoc on your wellbeing, but you weren’t quite sure (or it pained you too much to give it up without solid proof)? Through MyBlueprint, you’ll discover if you have a genetic predisposition for food sensitivities like gluten and dairy, and what that means for your diet. Your report will also explain how your body metabolizes that morning caffeine kick or glass of wine with dinner.

Nutrient Needs

With so many options to choose from, it’s hard not to experience some decision paralysis in the health aisle. Using findings pulled straight from your DNA, you can feel better equipped to cut through a sea of wild health claims to hone in on foods and supplements that are right for you. Your report will pinpoint predispositions for nutritional deficiencies and predict where you may have enhanced nutrient needs.

Physical Fitness 

It’s no secret that exercise is beneficial for all, but did you know that genes can reveal what types of exercise we're best “built” for? In fact, recent studies suggest that well over half of our fitness outcomes may boil down to good ol’ genetics. For anyone who’s suffered through exercise pain without gain, knowing what naturally fuels your body can mean the difference between counting down gruelling hours at the gym, versus finding true joy in movement (and seeing the results of your hard work too). In your report, you’ll find insights on everything from ideal forms of exercise to your post-workout recovery, pain tolerance, and bone health profiles—your genes can even predict if you thrive best with the support of an exercise buddy!

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Mental Wellness 

While our inner experience of the world is influenced by a complex mix of factors, DNA still plays a significant role here. Key genetic markers can predict how susceptible we may be to various mental health issues. In your report, you’ll see how four specific genes—CHRN, MAOA, DRD2, and COMT—can impact your mood, cognition, stress resilience, emotional states, and risk of substance addiction. You’ll also be recommended simple lifestyle and nutrition tips that can help mitigate risks and troubling symptoms.


By January, many of us are ready for a little “detox” after weeks of holiday indulgences (and maybe an impulsive New Year’s resolution or two). Toxins can have far-reaching health implications that are still being studied today; these can extend from our immune system’s allergic response to everyday substances, to more critical conditions, like a higher risk of developing cancer. While the human body is designed to dispose of many toxins all on its own, not everyone’s detoxifying pathways function in the same way. Your report will explain the role your genes play in this critical self-maintenance process and identify simple changes you can make to keep your vulnerability to harmful toxins in check.

Obesity Risk

Obesity is characterized by excess body fat that may have negative effects on overall health, including an increased risk of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and depression. Contrary to common belief, many cases of obesity are largely attributable to environmental and genetic factors. In your report, you’ll see what your own DNA indicates about your obesity risk alongside practical recommendations for prevention and treatment strategies.

Hormonal Health

Our hormones act as "chemical messengers,” communicating important information across organs and tissues in the body. Together, key messengers like the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), estrogen, and testosterone regulate our body’s development, metabolism, fertility, mood, and more. Based on certain genes that help with hormone synthesis and balance, you’ll see if you’re predisposed to suboptimal hormone levels. Your report will also offer nutrition and lifestyle tips that can help tip the scales towards a better balance.

Unpacking the MyBlueprint Experience

To see how MyBlueprint works for ourselves, our Digital Editor, Emily, took the test and spoke with DNALabs’ Chief Science Officer, who has partnered with AOR to deliver its science-backed results. According to Dr. Aaron Goldman, PhD, the SNPs that inform MyBlueprint hold a wealth of valuable insights about our personal health.

“Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are genetic variations that are found at specific locations in the genome. SNPs are represented by unique SNP identification numbers (e.g., rs2395182), and we can think of these numbers as a sort of "postal code" for variations, in that they describe the specific location of the genetic variant with a gene. We have two copies of every gene—each of our parents contribute one copy.

Based on what SNPs are present in a given gene, you may inherit a "normal" or "typical" version of the gene, or you may inherit an "atypical" version of the gene which might be associated with some sort of health-related outcome like a food sensitivity or a nutrient deficiency. For example, if you inherit "atypical" versions of genes associated with iron deficiency, this may indicate that you're more likely to experience iron deficiency.”

Emily’s Report

“With MyBlueprint’s easy-to-follow instructions as my guide, I was able to collect my DNA sample with a simple cheek swab and package it in the pre-paid return envelope within minutes. From there, it was a simple matter of visiting my local post office and sending it off to DNALabs.

A few weeks later, I received my results. AOR conveniently offers its report in a secure digital format so you can always access your results with ease. Taking a leaf out of Dr. Goldman’s book, I chose to print off the PDF version of my report to create what is essentially an “owner’s manual for life”–think of it like the owner’s manual that comes with your car.

Each page of my report was dedicated to an individual health category, with general explanations of important health factors followed by targeted advice based on my unique genetics.


MyBlueprint results example - exercise preference


Going through my results, I was amazed by how much resonated with my real-life experiences and family history, including a higher risk for type 2 diabetes, a tendency to metabolize caffeine quickly (let’s call it an underrated superpower), and a life-long love affair with sweets. Even the description of my ideal exercise strategies and motivations rang true. (Getting myself off the couch is rarely a problem, but I do need to consider muscle fatigue and recovery time needs before committing to a marathon).

Towards the end of the report, I also discovered a “Table of Genes.” This is where MyBlueprint breaks down all 65 genes that were analyzed and provides an at-a-glance snapshot of actionable takeaways. I love how succinctly this section pulled my report’s key findings together. Although Dr. Goldman confirmed that these shouldn’t be interpreted as a conclusive “diagnosis,” they do provide insight into potential health issues we may wish to investigate further or keep in mind as we explore lifestyle changes and supplementation options.


MyBlueprint results example - vitamin A


Looking at my vitamin A profile for instance, it’s clear that I have some “atypical” genes associated with a reduced conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A, which puts me at higher risk of vitamin A deficiency. The findings also shed light on the fact that I’m more likely to meet my nutritional needs if I source beta carotene from animal sources rather than plants; knowing this has already helped me narrow down my shopping list.

On the supplementation front, the report offers a convenient list of top product recommendations from AOR—this list was curated with my report in mind and helped take some of the guesswork out of my research process. Since getting my results, I’ve found myself turning to this report over and over as I try to make some of my New Year’s health resolutions a reality. I’d recommend MyBlueprint to anyone seeking more clarity and guidance along their own health journey.”

Start a More Empowering Health Journey with AOR

AOR is backed by over 32 years of scientific research and innovation, a dedicated team of clinicians and geneticists conducting extensive literature reviews, and a reliance on the latest findings in the field of genomics. They also promise to never share your data. With MyBlueprint’s personalized action plan right at your fingertips, you can harness the power of your genetics to make New Year's resolutions that truly count towards lifelong wellness—and that’s a gift that will always keep on giving.



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