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Nurturing your health isn’t just important–it’s essential
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Meeting our unique health needs can often feel like trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. Sure, we all know some of the basic pillars that make up the “big picture” of overall health–but is your diet or exercise plan designed with your body in mind? Does your doctor have enough information to identify and prioritize your most pressing needs? How can you be more proactive for your future wellbeing? 

A More Holistic Health Approach

PureInsight offers an evidence-based way for healthcare providers to piece together key insights like these for patients and create an actionable plan for better health. Consolidating different information given by a patient, the PureInsight system cross-references data to help make personalized recommendations for:

  • diet
  • exercise
  • lifestyle
  • supplements

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When a health issue is discovered, our current healthcare system tends to treat the symptom, rather than addressing deeper underlying causes–while this is a common approach in North America, it’s linked to a host of issues, as symptoms are often one small part of the whole when it comes to health. When we fail to take proactive and preventative action along with treatment, symptoms will often reappear, or new ones might pop up in their place. This is the body’s way of signalling that something is still “off.” 

PureInsight takes a more holistic approach to see the bigger picture. This means going beyond targeting individual symptoms, with a goal of helping you adopt healthier lifestyle habits in the long-term–even after your initial symptoms go away. While your healthcare provider will always be a vital team member to guide you along the journey, knowledge like this helps put you in the driver’s seat.

How Does PureInsight Work? 

PureInsight has made it easy for healthcare providers to get a snapshot of your overall health status, starting with its quick and easy multi-symptom questionnaire system. The process begins when your provider adds you to their patient dashboard (by request). Next, you’ll receive an invitation to get started.

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Our Digital Editor, Emily, decided to try PureInsight out herself and discovered a user-friendly process from her first login. 

“I was directed to take a general questionnaire at first, with each question scaled from one to five. I was pleasantly surprised by how efficiently I was able to move through the questions—while it made me think more about what my health might look like from a holistic perspective, it took less than 15 minutes out of my day to complete."

Insights Tailored to You

“After the initial questionnaire was submitted, PureInsight used my answers to hone in on potential issues my answers had indicated, and it was recommended that I complete several additional questionnaires. Each had a related but specific focus, and I was able to seamlessly navigate this process on my phone during a commute home one day.

While awaiting results, I was able to review my private patient portal, which keeps track of questionnaires I’d already done, along with the completion dates. PureInsight aims to keep health data relevant, so it was helpful to see clear recommendations for when to retake the questionnaires in order to keep all my data up-to-date.”

A sample from the Multi-Symptom Questionnaire
A sample from the multi-symptom questionnaire

“I saw that I also have the option to upload lab results and DNA data from Nordic Labs, 23andMe, or Ancestry. In the future, I’d love to see how this additional portion might provide further insight into my overall health needs.” 

Genetic data can give patients a deeper look into key traits categories:

  • Vitamins, Minerals & Omega-3s
  • Detoxification
  • Weight Management
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Gastrointestinal Health
  • Cognitive Health & Memory
  • Immune Health
  • Energy & Fitness
  • Glucose Metabolism

Putting Patients First

Based on the results from the multi-symptom questionnaire alone, your doctor will have a solid starting point to make more personalized recommendations around lifestyle tips and potential supplement needs. 

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PureInsight recognizes that health and genetic information is personal. That’s why careful measures are taken to ensure patient privacy and all your personal information is protected by secure software encryption.

The key to better health is just a click away. Talk to your doctor about signing up with PureInsight today, and get started on a more holistic journey to lifelong health.




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