Sustainable Activewear Gems to Add to Your Closet

Saving the planet, and looking good doing it
a woman sits outside in the grass with some workout equipment
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Sustainability is becoming more in-trend—thankfully. When we think of fashion we usually think of a ton of waste, and we’d be right most of the time; however, more and more industries, fashion included, are creating their products with sustainability in mind. This is a huge step towards saving our planet by using less water in manufacturing, recycling more materials, and creating biodegradable garments. In this issue, we have curated a few items that will get the athlete in you excited not just about sustainability but fashion too!

1. ON SHOES—Cloudsurfer

On Running Cloudsurfer shoe


When we first heard about the Cloudsurfer running shoe we thought, That’s a bold statement. Surfing on a cloud? Well, the hype is real. Whether you use them for walking, running, or exercising in general they truly feel as though you are surfing on a cloud—great name! The cushioning (CloudTec Phase™) allows for seamless weight transfer from heel to toe, providing extreme comfort. The overall shoe is very lightweight, adding to the comfort factor. You’re probably thinking what we were: nothing is that comfy—well, try them and see for yourself! They come in several cool colours for both women and men.

On takes sustainability seriously; Cloudsurfer is made from 30% total recycled material, 85% of which is recycled polyester. Instead of all that poly heading to the landfill, On rescues and repurposes it. In addition, they use a dope dying process that uses 90% less water than standard dying methods. You’ll also find this shoe has no plastic overlays (i.e., the decorative part of the shoe) like other shoes. Manufactured with recycled poly, using less water and plastic—sustainability with a circular economy mindset.


2. PACT—Pureactive Pocket Legging

PACT—Pureactive Pocket Legging


When you’re working out, comfort and style are everything; while you’re feeling the pump, you want to look good doing it. PACT’s Pureactive Pocket Legging delivers in spades. Mid-rise fit to just below the belly button with a full-length fitted silhouette, they offer easy stretch for those yoga or Zumba days. With two sleek side pockets for your phone—or just to look great—you’ll be turning heads in the studio. 

The Pureactive Pocket Legging is made from 89% GOTS-certified organic cotton, which saves gallons of water as pesticides and harmful fertilizers are never used. This means it’s safe for the planet and your skin. Manufacturing in a fair-trade certified factory, PACT cares not only about the environment but also about the people who work hard to bring you this sustainable fashion-forward legging. PACT is also committed to being carbon-neutral by offsetting its carbon footprint in its entire supply chain.


3. DEFINITE ARTICLES—Riverline Racerback Bra

Definite Articles - Riverline Racerback Bra


This active sports bra supports everywhere it needs to while providing a flattering sculpted fit for every shape. Constructed with 4-way stretch tech, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long, not just for your regular workout routine.

Only 4% of typical polyester breaks down in landfill, and takes a long time to do so. Definite Articles’ Riverline Racerback Bra uses an innovative tech called CiCLO that helps synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon biodegrade naturally when discarded into seawater, soil, or landfills. CiCLO-treated garments biodegrade to the tune of 75-92% within 2.5 years. That is definitely a step towards sustainability and saving our planet. Only available in the United States.


4. TENTREE—InMotion Track Jogger

TENTREE—InMotion Track Jogger


This men’s stylish Jogger is breathable, comfortable, and made for any kind of motion, whether during leisure time around the house or working out. Made from 86% REPREVE polyester, the InMotion Track Jogger is built to last. It features two front pockets, a slim zippered pocket in the back, and a drawstring front with room to move.

REPREVE polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled clothing, other textile waste, and discarded fish nets. It’s always great to see companies using recycled materials to create new fashions, helping to preserve our natural resources. In addition to these efforts, Tentree also plants 10 trees for every item purchased, and is B-Corp and climate-neutral certified too!


5. GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE—Porcini Heather 50/50 Wide Leg Sweatpant

GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE—Porcini Heather 50/50 Wide Leg Sweatpant


Women workout warriors, this just might become your go-to sweat pant. The Porcini Heather 50/50 Wide Leg sweatpant is size-inclusive, high-rise, wide-leg, and super soft. It’s made from 50% Texloop™ RCOT™ Primo Recycled Cotton and 50% organic cotton, and is also 100% biodegradable, which places Girlfriend Collective dead centre of sustainability. Girlfriend Collective also uses recycled and recyclable packaging for all its garments—no waste, no kidding!


6. WOLVENMen’s Onyx Short

WOLVEN—Men’s Onyx Short


These multi-purpose shorts provide fashionable comfort, whether you’re climbing, hanging in the surf, or working out in the gym or outdoors. Wolven’s Men’s Onyx Short is moisture-wicking, odour-resistant, and anti-microbial, making them ready for any activity. They feature two zippered pockets, which can store your valuables securely during all your active moments.

Wolven uses 84% recycled P.E.T. and 16% spandex in their Onyx Short making them 4-way stretch, ultra-soft, and planet friendly. Wolven also uses a vegan suede finish, so they’re head-turning slick. Wolven is climate-neutral certified, Oeko-TEX standard 100, and is 1% for the planet (contributing at least 1% of their annual revenue to environmental causes).


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