Green Up Your Kitchen Essentials!

kitchen upgrade 2.0!
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Celebrate 2019 with a mini kitchen essentials overhaul! Get rid of some of those sneaky toxins by replacing a few of your everyday standards with eco-conscious (and super-stylish!) alternatives.


itaclay Clay Stock Pot
Image © Vitaclay

Did you know that the heavily-used slow cooker on your kitchen counter could be harbouring lead? True story. Go lead-free and get the benefits of alkalized clay with Vitaclay’s Smart Organic Clay Stock Pot and Multi-Crock. Featuring a 6-quart capacity, unglazed clay pot with a clay top that promises to seal in essential nutrients, it performs seven different functions (fast-slow, slow, low temperature, steamer, stock pot, hot cereal and yogurt maker) and has both a set-and-forget feature and delay timer for porridge. Find it on

If You Care

If You Care parchment baking paper
Image © If You Care

Who doesn’t love parchment paper? It’s so handy and nonstick and perfect for so many applications! Unfortunately, the nonstick part of parchment paper is usually a coating of silicone or other chemicals, making it non-compostable (and definitely non-recyclable). Switch it up by grabbing a roll of If You Care’s parchment paper. Made with unbleached FSC Certified paper, it’s also chlorine-free, and is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Best of all? It’s compostable! Check out If You Care’s full line of household products! Find it on


Image © Bambu

Dump those ratty, scarred, plastic cutting boards that are full of toxins (and probably a bunch of gross bacteria!) and replace them with hearty bamboo! B Corp Certified Bambu’s Artisan bamboo cutting & serving boards offer the perfect balance between beauty and sustainability. Finished with food safe oils and ready to be hung in a place of honour in your kitchen, these beauties can serve double duty as elegant serving platters at your next party. (Shhh…we won’t tell!) Find it on

Humble House

Sauerkrock by Humble House fermentation pot
Image © Humble House

Have you jumped on the home fermentation train yet? Get on board! While some DIY sites declare any pot is a good fermentation pot, you definitely don’t want lead in those delicious pickles! Declare 2019 as the year of probiotic goodness with Humble House’s traditional European-style fermentation SAUERKROCK! Made from high-quality ceramic and finished with a lead and cadmium-free glaze, it’s perfect for all your fermenting needs. Crazy for kombucha? Humble House has got a SAUERKROCK with a tap just for you! Find more on