Healthier Halloween Candy

Trick-or-treats that aren't so scary!

Halloween is like being a kid in a candy store. Literally. But don't you wish the kids were bringing home some healthier Halloween candy?

Want to give the neighborhood ghouls and goblins something a little bit cleaner, greener, and allergy-friendly? Sure you do!

Instead of spending hours scouring the local Halloween candy aisle, reading tiny printed ingredient lists in the hopes of scoring a candy that is made with quality ingredients, limits allergens, and is free of those nasties, check out our list of the coolest (and yummiest) candy companies who are working hard to produce sweets and candies that rely on natural ingredients, limit allergens, and taste pretty darn good! (Grown ups: no one will judge if you buy a bag just for yourself!)


Candies for (almost) everyone!


Glee Gum

Glee Gum Healthier Halloween Candy


Chew on this: Glee Gum doesn’t contain any of the eight major food allergens. Not bad for sweet, sweet gum! Feel good this Halloween passing out a gum that is non-GMO and is made with quality ingredients. Glee Gum has no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, or preservatives. And it’s asparatame-free (YAY!). Try topping those trick-or-treat bags with a Glee Gum Pop, and you’ll have the neighborhood kids (and parents!) thinking you’re the coolest house on the block! Glee gum comes in 11 chew-worthy flavours. That’s practically a new flavour a month. For an entire year!


Surf Sweets

Surf Sweet gummies Healthier Halloween Candy


Surf Sweets Spooky Spiders and their Trick or Treat Packs of Fruity Bears are perfect for filling those Halloween treat bags! Made without artificial flavours and colours, these candies are also non-GMO, made with organic sugars, and many are organic certified and vegan. Plus, Surf Sweets are produced and packaged in dedicated facilities free of the top 10 allergens. (Check out their delicious everyday gummies and jelly beans, too!) 


Wholesome Sweets

Wholesome Sweet lollipops Healthier Halloween Candy


Delicious, organic, and super-duper fun, Wholesome Foods offers some of the best candy in town! Limited edition Ghost and Skull shaped lollipops, in Eerie Orange and Wicked Watermelon, is just the tip of the candy iceberg! Made with fair trade sugar, non GMO project verified, gluten free, vegan, and kosher, Wholesome Foods candies has got your holiday (and any day!) covered.


Smart Sweets

Smart Sweet gummies Healthier Halloween Candy

A gummy that’s basically sugar-free? Yes, this is real life. Smart Sweets has come up with a brilliant gummy that is sweetened with chicory root and a touch of stevia. And these babies are high in fibre (we’re talking a whole day’s worth here!). Mind. Blown. Chock full of non-GMO plant-based soluble fibre, Smart Sweets will keep you feeling satiated while totally feeling naughty, even though you’re really being a perfect angel. (#winning). Plus they’re kid-approved and taste just like a gummy (only a little firmer). Best of all, is that they’re peanut-free, dairy, soy, and gluten-free, corn-fibre free, and sugar alcohol-free.




Tubify freezer pops Healthier Halloween Candy


And for something a little different: why not send fruit freezies to your next school Halloween party? Full of good-for-you-fruits and totally unpasturized, Tubify is redefining the way we do frozen pops. Made with good for you fruits and herbs, these frozen goodies are a sweet change from the usual party fare. The ingredients are organic, and free of the 7 major allergens (a real win for school-bound food!) Who says frozen pops are just for the summer?!?




Healthier Halloween Candy Spookies

Everyone deserves cookies! Especially when they're a cult sensation that's healthy and ethical! A 1kg bag of Spookies contains approximately 50 of New Moon's best-selling Chocolate Chip Cookies in spelt or gluten free options. These treats are vegan, dairy and egg-free, peanut and nut-free, and Kosher Parve. Order them online to pick up in selected locations (Toronto and surrounding area only -- click the link for the schedule) and get 'em while they're warm!


*Originally published October 24, 2017