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One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and expose your kids to the benefits of being in nature is to take them on a nature walk or hike. This is a particularly good idea this year as the pandemic and lockdowns have placed limitations on other kinds of leisurely activities you used to enjoy together on the weekend. Now that the weather is getting warmer and the forests are teeming with plants and wildlife, there is so much to explore with your family! Of course, as parents know, the key to a successful outing is preparation. What do growing kids need when they’re on the go all day? Healthy snacks, of course! (especially during a long hike, and we’re not talking about packing beef jerky). Be prepared for hungry kids with these healthy, convenient (and organic!) snack ideas that your kids will love when they’re on the go, on a hike or cozy by the campfire.

Trail Mix

Eden Quiet Moon trail mix

This classic snack got its name from its popularity as a food to be brought on - you guessed it - hiking trails! Trail mix was made for snacking on hikes, because of its highly nutritious content. It’s also easy to pack and doesn’t spoil easily which are all important requirements for snacking on the go. With a combination of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, a good quality trail mix can be a great source of protein and fibre, for delicious and healthy snacking. It also packs a lot of calories and healthy fats from the nuts, which will keep you feeling full longer. It's best to avoid trail mix that contains added sugar or sodium. Many store-bought varieties can be heavily salted, which will make for very thirsty kids! (And the more they drink, the more nature calls…). We recommend Eden Foods’ Quiet Moon Pocket Snacks. They contain roasted organic pumpkin seeds, raw organic sunflower seeds, roasted organic tamari almonds, and dried fruit with no refined sugars, preservatives or additives. Also try: Eden Foods Wild Berry Mix.

Nuts and Seeds

Eden Pumpkin Seeds

Feeling peckish? Be sure to bring seeds! (And not just for the birds). Nuts and seeds are easily portable and extremely nutritious. Kids love to eat nuts and seeds because they are naturally flavourful and fun to munch on. Parents love them because they are rich in nutrients including healthy fats, magnesium, protein, iron, and fibre! Because whole nuts can be a potential choking hazard, they should be halved or chopped up for toddlers. For a safe and great tasting option, we recommend Eden Foods’ Organic Pumpkin Seeds. This "pocket snack” is dry roasted and lightly seasoned with sea salt. It’s a high-protein snack that provides an excellent source of fibre, zinc, iron and magnesium. Other options we love are: Eden Foods' Organic Pistachios, and Tamari Almonds. Try them all and get nutty! Combine all three to make your own mix.


Eden Foods dried blueberries
Eden Foods applesauce

Fresh fruits are an excellent hiking snack. They are high in carbs, water and natural sugars to keep you feeling full, hydrated and energized. Be sure to bring durable fruits that don't need to be refrigerated, such as apples. Leave out softer fruits such as pears or bananas, or pack them with extra protection as you don’t want to pull out mushy fruit from your backpack.

Dried fruit is also an excellent option that is convenient, easy to pack, lighter to carry and harder to spoil/damage. However, dried fruit can be very high in sugar, which is why we recommend making it yourself using a dehydrator or try any of the dried organic fruit snacks from Eden Foods. We love Eden Foods Dried Wild Blueberries as  they are made from handpicked wild, lowbush and organic Canadian blueberries. They are very high in antioxidants and contain no added sugar. Try combining with Eden Foods’ Dried Cherries and Dried Cranberries for a berry delightful treat.

Tip: you can also add it to your favourite nuts and seeds to make your own trail mix. 

If you're packing for a camping trip, we also recommend including some organic fruit sauces to get your juices flowing. Try the Eden Foods’ Organic Apple Sauce Sampler. And bring your favourite along for a simple and delicious camping snack (it won't be easy to pick!).


Eden Food miso soup

Whether you’re out camping or winding down after a long hike, a campfire is a wonderful way to end a day in nature. While marshmallows and hot cocoa are typical campfire fare, you can get creative and balance those out with healthier options. When nights in the woods get chilly, warm up with a nourishing bowl of soup around a campfire. Eden Foods’ Instant Organic Miso Soup is so simple to prepare. Just add 8 ounces of water, stir and leave for 1 minute. Don’t let the convenience fool you! This is a soothing, rich and high-quality miso soup that is loaded with health benefits such as prebiotics.

If you love our recommendations and don't know where to start, Eden Foods offers a pocket snack sampler with all 10 of their healthy snacks perfect for bringing on a hike.

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Snack wisely and enjoy the outdoors. 

Eden foods snack sampler


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