Sophi Robertson lives a low waste lifestyle, since 2016, with her husband and daughter in Toronto, Canada. Sophi, also known as @yourecofriend on Instagram, is a Zero Waste Speaker and Consultant and works for Spent Goods as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator. Her goal is to make a sustainable lifestyle fun, practical and accessible. She strives to educate, inspire and empower people to reach their eco goals through waste reduction and community activism. She is very excited to join the EcoParent community and plans to share her tips, tricks and struggles of living low-waste, mental health and parenthood. You can usually spot Sophi wearing something yellow and laughing loudly while dancing or learning to roller skate. She has been featured in Toronto Life magazine, CTV's The Social, CBC's Marketplace, CTV News, The National, The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. @yourecofriend | 

Sophi Robertson
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