How to Fix a Drawstring

It's ridiculously easy

Ahhh drawstrings. Love 'em or hate 'em, these little strings can be the difference between you looking all cool and you, well, standing there in your underwear. The struggle is real. It took me years and a dozen awkward hand-firmly-planted-on-waistband situations before I started to truly appreciate the value of being able to fix a drawstring. Don't wait like I did because here's the deal: repairing a drawstring is ridiculously easy.

Now before you start to think you need special gadgets, let me dispel you of this now: all you need is a safety pin. And for the sake of this tutorial, I used a safety pin I found on the ground. No, really, I found it on my driveway. It's probably not even mine. It's small and flimsy and the kind that attaches cute artisanal tags to clothing. If I had chosen a larger safety pin, the job would've been even easier, but even with this tiny safety pin, it took me less time than it takes to boil my water for tea.

How fix a drawstring in less than five minutes!

Now that you're on a roll, try fixing a button or mending a hole in your sockand don't forget that cup of tea!