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The environment we know today looks much different than that of our ancestors—since industrialization, carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has climbed to higher levels than any other point in human history. As we experience the fallouts of climate change, the impacts on human health are undeniable. Scientists have found alarming links between rising temperatures, carbon dioxide, sea levels, extreme weather events, and a host of human health crises, such as disease, illness, and malnutrition due to food scarcity. Knowing that the health of people and the planet is deeply intertwined, it’s important to support wellness brands that work towards building a sustainable future, both through their products and their practices.

The Pure difference 

Created with a vision of sustainability at its very heart, Pure Encapsulations has been in the business of care for over 30 years, offering premium supplements backed by pure ingredients and pure values. Starting as a small family business in 1991, Pure Encapsulations has always been committed to distributing only the best quality supplements. Now an industry leader, they offer over 400 pure solutions to meet the unique health needs of people across the globe.

With a recognition for the interdependent relationship between our health and the planet’s, Pure Encapsulations operates with the belief that caring for people also means caring for their environment. What does this commitment look like for a company known for its innovation and research? Creative solutions, and a goal to inspire the world to reuse through interactive technologies, global giving initiatives, and reusable products.

Green & giving initiatives

With unique recycling solutions already in practice, Pure Encapsulations’ product line is also on its way to being fully recyclable by 2025. They’ve committed to a 20 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a 33 percent reduction of virgin plastic packaging by 2025. Of course, sustainability is an ongoing commitment for individuals and the brands they choose to support. By 2050, Pure Encapsulations has set a goal of zero net greenhouse emissions.

Fill it Forward to give back globally 

As part of its focus on global wellness, Pure Encapsulations is proud to partner with Fill it Forward, an initiative that supports their sustainability and social responsibility values with the world’s first interactive reusable product: the Cupanion bottle


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How does it work? After you’ve filled up your Cupanion bottle and finished a drink, simply scan the unique QR code on the bottle. This information will be saved to your profile on the Fill it Forward app. Every time you log a refill with Fill it Forward, they give back by making a donation to a charitable cause, such as providing clean water to communities in need or backing environmental conservation projects. The app allows you to track your social and environmental impact each time you refill a bottle. Select Pure Encapsulations products even have Fill it Forward labels, so their customers can participate in this initiative while supporting their own health.

Give back locally with Second Harvest

In Canada, around 60 percent (that’s 2.2 million tonnes) of all food produced is wasted or lost each year. But with more sustainable and ethical practices in place, it’s estimated that over half of this amount could be salvaged and reallocated to support the 5.8 million Canadians who experience food insecurity, and the 1.4 million children included in that number. 

Sharing this vision of a more equitable future where no one goes hungry, Pure Encapsulations is supporting Second Harvest through its partnership with Fill It Forward. Second Harvest operates at the intersection between addressing food scarcity and protecting our environment. As Canada’s largest food rescue organization and a global leader in food redistribution, it has rescued over 200 million pounds of perishable food and given it back to our communities since 1985.

A healthier planet and a healthier you

To support Fill it Forward’s initiatives, Pure Encapsulations is currently running March Cupanion giveaways on its Instagram page. Follow @pureencapsulations_ca to participate in this latest promotion. To learn more about how Pure Encapsulations can support your health, explore the website and browse their line of premium and pure supplements.

Join Pure Encapsulations on the journey towards finding personal wellness, and help build a better world for all.


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