Greener Menstrual Products

Better options whether it's your first period or your last!


So you got your period. Welcome to the wonderful world of eco-friendly period options! It can be tempting to opt for those brightly-coloured, overly fragranced, disposable pads and tampons in your local pharmacy because everything you see on TV makes it seem like they’re exactly what you need. But did you know there are some fab feminine products that are easy to use, super colourful and fun, AND easy on the environment? That’s right: these ain’t your mom’s boring pads (but she might like these too!)! These babies are vibrant and super adorbs, won’t leach toxins into your body, and are eco-green (green is sooo hot right now!). Perfecto whether it's your first period or your 100th!

Greener Menstrual Options

Oko Creations

Proudly made of organic hemp and cotton, these beauties not only have a heart of green, but they look pretty darn good too. Hemp is a powerhouse perfect for use in menstrual products! From an ecological standpoint, hemp is easy to grow, resistant to diseases, and needs no extra help to produce. As a product, hemp is super absorbant and contains natural fungicides and antibacterial properties. Paired with cotton and you’ve got a perfect blend of softness for comfort and absorbancy for leak protection. With products ranging from a mini pantyliner to a full out traditional style long pad with waterproof liner, Oko Creations has got you covered from the beginning to the end of your period!

Greener Menstrual Options


Available in both regular and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Lunapads are up to the challenge of your monthly flow! With inserts that you can layer to your heart’s content and swap out to save a whole pad change, we’d call that #winning! All Lunapads are made with zero waste manufacturing processes in Vancouver, Canada, so no textile waste is sent to landfill.

Greener Menstrual Options Lunapads underwear

Lunapads Underwear

There aren't your momma's period panties! There are cute, bright-coloured absorbent underthings that can hold up to two tampons-worth of menstrual blood! Not bad for a pair of underwear, right !?! Products like Lunapads’ undies have an absorbant panel sewn right into them, which means one pair of underwear can act as a replacement for disposable pads and tampons! Like the reusable pads, these undies are made using organic cotton, spandex, and PUL, depending on the style you choose. Best part is, the company provides a material list for each pair of underwear they offer! Some even come with the ability to add inserts, so just one pair of panties can go all day long!

Greener Menstrual Options






These cuties will almost make you glad you’ve got your period! Made in the USA, GladRags are colourful little gems, comprised of cotton flannel and terry, with certified GOTS organic and undyed options available. Make sure to check out GladRags' First Period Kits, complete with a little guide that talks all about the specialness of having your period!

Greener Menstrual Options






Lunette’s menstrual cup is the perfect conventional tampon replacement! These brightly coloured cuties are good for up to 12 hours without a change, which could totally revolutionize a girl’s world! Just think: no changes necessary in public washrooms. Practically leakproof, a breeze to clean, and uber comfie, pick your favourite hue and go! Plus, a menstrual cup can be used during any athletic activity, including swimming. They’re odorless, reusable, and made from BPA-free medical grade silicone.

Greener Menstrual Options







Make carrying your pads in your backpack a whole lot hipper with Colibri’s wet/dry bags. Designed with a dry pouch to carry clean pads (and a lipgloss, obvi!), and a large waterproof pouch to toss in those used ones, Colibri helps keep your period your little secret!

Greener Menstrual Options








Need a disposable? Natracare’s hard working pads and tampons are for you! The pads, which are comprised of organic cotton and a vegetable-based cellulose, and the tampons, which are solely 100% organic cotton are both completely biodegradable and compostable. Plus, Natracare is the world’s first MADE SAFE feminine hygiene product!

Greener Menstrual Options




Ginger Supplements

Ease some of the abdominal discomfort periods can bring with ginger! With its ability to reduce inflammation and lessen nausea, why not give ginger a try? Keep a bottle of New Chapter’s Ginger Force or Nature’s Way Ginger Root (both of which are non GMO!) at the ready and bid uncomfortable tummies adieu! Talk to your MD/ND if you have a history of blood disorders, are taking blood thinners or other prescription medication to ensure safety. |