5 Ways to Beat Back to School Stress

Stress less when class is in!
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Getting geared-up for back to school can put a lot of stress on our kiddos. As exciting as it is to get back into regular routines, catch up with school friends, and strut around in cool new duds, changes—even familiar ones like back-to-school—can be full of anxiety: new people, places, ideas, and experiences can all make the upcoming year look more fearful than fun. After all, little people can have big worries too! Help your kids make the transition into school a little less overwhelming by incorporating some of these parenting hacks, including a little flower power from our friends at RESCUE REMEDY®. Back-to-school jitters begone!

Get some sleep!

Bedtime routines are often tossed out the window during those long, leisurely days of summer. And once the reality of catching the school bus hits you squarely in the lunchbox, you’ll wish you hadn’t let your resolve dissolve in the romance of warm starry skies. While late night vacation bonfires and fun family gatherings that carry on for hours are fine occasionally, letting sleep go off the rails for two or three months can turn out a very cranky and stressed kid (and parents!) once the rigours of regular weekdays kick in. To get kids back on “school time”, try re-establishing their school year bedtime several weeks before the big day. Fill it with familiar, comforting routines: long, relaxing baths, quiet stories and songs, and of course, about a million warm snuggles. Keep their room dark and cool to ensure the best sleep possible! (And sweet dream wishes with a promise of a few more fun-filled days doesn’t hurt either!). When it’s time to face the quirks of a new year, your bambino will be armed at the get-go with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed bounce!

Get cooking!

Speaking of routines, wasn’t it nice when breakfast was at lunchtime, and supper was…whenever? Get back on track by adjusting your days before school starts so they at least resemble the upcoming schedule. As with creating a regular bedtime, making sure that your child’s mealtimes line up with their school day routine is a great way to help reset their bodies and minds to get them into school mode. Pack away the marshmallows, sticky popsicles, and other guilty summer indulgences, and focus on a menu filled with nutrient-dense foods, full of those brain and body boosters that’ll get them ready, set, and geared up to go to school! Get kids back in the groove by including them in a marathon meal prep brainstorm! Give them a say in what back to school meals they’d like to dig into—they’ll look forward to eating it, and you won’t have to panic over what to make at the end of a hectic day!

Get organized!

Back to school introduces many strange new elements—new teachers, friends, subjects, or a new school entirely. Get the kids ready with a sneak peek of what to expect: Take a tour through the building, try to find out the route between the classrooms they’ll be in, and introduce your child to teachers (teachers get nervous too!). One of THE BEST parts of going back to school is picking up school supplies! Grab that list that’s been languishing in the bottom of last year’s backpack and let your budding artist/writer/scientist/fashionista help make as many selections as possible so they feel equipped and prepared.

Get to the bottom of worries!

Whether your kiddo is taking on these big stresses like a champ or is expressing behaviours that might seem a bit out of character, everyone can use a heart-to-heart. Encourage them to talk through their feelings, both before school starts and as the year progresses. Changes can be hard, even for us adults, and it’s important that kids understand that their nervousness and apprehension are completely normal! Once school gets underway, check in regularly and ask questions that require simple but telling answers: “Who did you eat lunch with today?” “Who is your favourite teacher? Why do you like them?” Use the popular “rose and thorn” concept: get kids (and parents!) to discuss the best part of their day, and the most difficult part. Keeping the dialogue going—sympathizing and letting your child know you’re paying attention—will remind them that you’ve always got their back.

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Get some helpful supplements!

In addition to the healthy food you’re serving, you might consider adding supplements to your toolkit of resources if deficiencies persist. Nutrients like magnesiumB vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids have been linked with improvements in mental well-being and herbal medicines have long been regarded for their healing properties. Sometimes stress takes over despite our best intentions but solutions can be as accessible as a literal drop of reassurance in their ocean of worries. In conjunction with your own supportive efforts, a safe and trusted natural remedy like RESCUE REMEDY® KIDS can give kiddos a little nudge of support, provide comfort, and nurture a sense of calm. RESCUE REMEDY® has an 80-year pedigree and is still made with the original five flower essences to help promote courage, patience, engagement, strength, and control. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, and stress-free school year!

*Get help from a specialist, if necessary

Some worries might be too big to handle on your own. If your child exhibits distressing behaviour, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help. A little disappointment and frustration is normal and healthy but don’t expect your child to “tough it out” beyond their capacity, and always be that unwavering champion of their well-being!