Vegan Nipple Creams for Plant-Based Mamas!

Free your nips from pain with these vegan friendly balms
mother nursing her infant
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Shopping for a quality nipple balm is no easy feat! And if you’re vegan, the challenge can be even greater. You want it to be completely plant-based, nourishing, healing, easy-to-use, and not overly fragranced, while at the same time safe for the tiniest of mouths to ingest. Plus, if it can be a multi-use product that’ll go the distance, then it’s worth its weight in gold. That’s a tall order for one product! We’ve taken the shopping stress out of the deal with the following vegan nipple creams that not only fit the bill, they’re totally the breast!


Organic Soothing Nipple Fix

Matraea Organic Nipple Fix

Featuring nourishing organic oils like castor, coconut, and evening primrose, shea and cocoa butters, and enhanced with the soothing properties of calendula, Matraea Organic Soothing Nipple Fix treats those hardworking nipples! (Plus they make a killer Mint Bliss Lip Balm perfect for combatting the nausea associated with early pregnancy and childbirth!)


Natural Skin Care Nipple Butter

Anointment Nipple Butter

Certified organic, vegan, and it totally works! Nourishing ingredients like shea, and anti-inflammatory helpers like calendula and marshmallow, Anointment Natural Skin Care Nipple Butter helps to create a protective barrier on the skin thanks to the candelilla wax!


Organic Rescue Nipple Balm

Shoosha Nipple Balm

Moisturize and protect busy boobies with this USDA certified organic nipple balm from Shoosha! Relying on sumptuous sea buckthorn and calming calendula this multipurpose vegan gem is slatherrific!

Reese & Luke

Shea Butter Nipple Balm

Reese and Luke Nipple Balm

Relieve the pain associated with cracked, sore nipples with Reese & Luke Shea Butter Nipple Balm. Made with sesame seed oil and shea butter to nourish and soften skin, fragrance-free, and USDA certified organic.

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