6 Reasons Kids Should Go Camping

ignite the fire for being in nature!

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We love camping here at EcoParent and we hope you do too! There are countless justifications for why camping is such an awesome activity for you and your family. If we haven't convinced you yet, here are just 6 reasons why you and the kids should go camping

Experience something new

When you're at home there is less need to adapt to your environment because you have already made the environment suit your needs. But no matter how many times you go camping, the situations you find yourself in will always change. Whether it’s a new campsite, weather pattern, companions, or wildlife, you can always expect the unexpected. 

Appreciate nature

We live in a time with increased risk to our climate and our natural ecosystems. In order to appreciate and protect what we have, it is important to introduce kids to the natural beauty of our planet. Camping is a great way to get kids outside and teach them about the vibrancy, diversity, and complexity of nature. Chance encounters with wildlife, breathing fresh air, and exploring natural ecosystems can have a lasting impact on kid’s lives.

Encourage creativity and wonder

Kids who go camping are given an opportunity to interact with and benefit from nature. Many urban communities do not have extensive green space or even the ability to appreciate the night sky. Something as simple as a walk in the woods or taking the time to stargaze somewhere without light pollution can inspire a world of wonder and fuel a child’s imagination. There is not a lot of room for toys when camping and kids can learn to appreciate new forms of entertainment including storytelling, cooking, walking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Build confidence and new skills

Camping sets a foundation of skills that can be applied later on in life. Camping helps one learn about basic survival, including how to make a fire, pitch a tent, forage and fish for food, navigate in the woods, build shelter, etc. It can also help kids become more confident swimmers, hikers, fishers, and canoers/kayakers. Teaching them to use fire for cooking can spark a fascination for this skill! Check out our Healthier S'Mores Recipe for a classic, irresistible treat, or show kids how to make bannock!

Appreciate everyday conveniences

One can only truly appreciate what they have once everything is stripped away. When camping, it is a humble reminder to appreciate what you have, but it also ignites the fire of resourcefulness and acquiring important life skills. 


When you go camping, you can't help but relax. When Wi-Fi is not easily accessible, it's the perfect opportunity to distance yourself from electronics. Some kids will have trouble leaving toys behind, but offer them new activities like cards or board games that are fun and family-oriented.

As if you didn't already know, when you go camping, it benefits your health in concrete ways as well. Check out 5 Ways Camping Benefits Your Health and start planning your next adventure!

*Originally published August 17, 2016