Winter Warmers that Save Energy

Turn up the heat without burning the environment
two kids sitting and wearing colourful socks
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As it cools outside, the cost of staying comfortable inside starts to heat up. Instead of automatically turning our thermostats way up, we can rely on many other ways to find the warmth we’re after and still save energy. Melting away a little of our heating bill while keeping the world a little cooler from using less energy just makes good sense. Consider warming up to the following healthy suggestions and tools, adding your own to the list, and sharing what you choose to adopt in order to inspire others!



It makes smart sense to use a thermostat with remote access so you can adjust settings or monitor from anywhere, including when you’re returning home from a vacation or after school pickup. After all, why does your house have to be so warm during the day if no one’s home?

Addictive Wellness

Hot Cacao 

Hot chocolate is a staple for many families on the ski hills or at the ice rink, but skip the junk being served onsite, and bring your own sugar-free, superherb hot cacao in a reusable tumbler. Just add a pouch of this elixir blend to hot water or a warmed cup of coconut milk (or your favourite plant-based milk) and enjoy the instant heat and treat!


Glass Kettle

This electric glass kettle with a stainless heating element is a highly efficient energy saver, is much more beautiful, and is safer to use every day than kettles that are made or lined with plastic.


Turmeric Latte

Traditionally known as Golden Milk, this warm Ayurvedic-inspired drink blend is naturally sweet and delicately spiced. Not only is it healthy and blood-sugar balancing, it will warm you to the core.

Beyond Broth

Immune Instant Vegetable Broth

Warm up from the inside out with organic and vegan instant vegetable broth prepared with wellness herbs. It’s the perfect nourishing drink for both kids and adults during cold and flu season and can be enjoyed on its own, added to bone broth, or served as a warm beverage with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Individual sachets for easy travel!

The Tea Spot

Urban Tea Tumbler

This glass tumbler is perfect for steeping and sipping loose leaf tea on the go. Made of borosilicate glass, brushed stainless steel, and accented with cork, this 16oz tumbler has a clean design and is free from lead, cadmium, and BPA (bonus feature: there are lids at both ends for easy handwashing).

Fire Cider

Honey Free Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

Fire up your insides with this herbal tonic full of raw, organic, health-promoting ingredients like garlic, ginger, onions, horseradish, spicy peppers, turmeric, black pepper, and citrus fruit in a base of raw organic apple cider vinegar! Try drinking a half to one tablespoon every day to keep healthy, energized, and, of course, warm.

Arizona Pepper 

Organic Harvest Habanero Pepper Sauce

Add a little heat to your meals with this thick, rich, zesty, gluten-free sauce that’s handmade with organic peppers.


Dry Brush

The age-old tradition of dry brushing your skin is known to help stimulate circulation, remove dead skin cells, and help your body eliminate toxins. Healthy circulation keeps everything flowing and leads to body temperature regulation.



Cold feet, cold everything! Keep your toes toasty in these colourful socks that are consciously made with organic cotton in “The Sock Capital of the World”—Fort Payne, Alabama—by a second-generation family business.


Organic Kids Pants


Made from pesticide-free, oh-so-soft organic cotton, these expandable infant, toddler, and preschooler pants fit 3x longer than other kids pants—that's years of warmth and comfort! They’re hand-dyed with baby-friendly, azo-free, low impact dyes, and built to keep up thanks to reinforced athletic-wear seams.


Organic Wrap 


With colder temperatures comes the need for versatile, neutral, throw-over pieces that go with any outfit. This long-sleeve wrap made with 100% super-soft, organic cotton does the trick!


Organic Cotton Blanket 


Take the chill off and snuggle into this organic cotton blanket made in the USA. Purchasing organic, well-made products matters for so many reasons, so keep yourself warm while you warm your heart knowing you are doing better and supporting a better world.


Furry Friends Hat 


Cozy and beyond cute, this hat with bear cub-style ears is made of high-pile, double-faced polyester fleece (30% recycled) and comes in sizes from newborn to 5T.


Immune Fortifying Bath Salt Soak 

Add a few tablespoons of this all-natural, plant-based bath salt with pure essential oils to a filled tub of warm water, get in, soak, and breathe in all the healing aromas. Warming to the core!