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Building a greener world isn't a solo job, and so, listed below are some of our favorite sustainable home and living blogs. From zero waste to ethical fashion to greener parenting, these blogs are sure to inspire forward change in all of their readers. Check them out, you might find a new favourite! 

The Eco Hub

For more than twenty years, Candice Batista has been working to incorporate sustainable living into her own daily life, and through The Eco Hub she has used that knowledge to both empower and inspire change in all of her readers.

As Candice states on her website, The Eco Hub strives to help its readers make eco-conscious choices for both a healthy life and a healthy planet. Her articles cover a range of topics including sustainable living, zero waste, cleaning, ethical fashion, and green beauty. 

Check out The Eco Hub here.

Mommy Turns Green 

Lauren from Mommy Turns Green has endeavoured to guide her readers back to Mother Nature. She shares her own family's journey as they work to reduce their carbon footprint and develop a stronger connection to the planet.

Mommy Turns Green shares blog posts which cover topics such as zero waste musings and tips, plant-forward food recipes, nature-based crafts, natural home-cleaning, and herb based personal care recipes. Her website also includes a products page where she lists a variety of eco-friendly products for those who may not always have the time to DIY their own. 

Check out Mommy Turns Green here.

Sensible Sustainability 

Yue from Sensible Sustainability uses her blog to document her own efforts in reducing her carbon footprint, sharing resources and climate action ideas, and discussing trends that she finds amiss in the sustainability space.  

Sensible Sustainability covers a wide range of environmental topics such as food and gardening, green living, how-to-guides, as well as a monthly sustainability journal. 

Check out Sensible Sustainability here.

A Sustainably Simple Life

Alison and Krista from A Sustainably Simple Life use their blog to document their own experiences in living a life based on sustainability and simplicity. Although their lives differ in regards to family, housing, and work, Alison and Krista share the important core beliefs that have led them both to live greener lives. 

A Sustainably Simple Life features posts from a wide range of categories, including frugal living, gardening, money matters, upcycled furniture, sustainable living, and more.

Check out A Sustainably Simple Life here.

My Green Closet

Verena (Erin) Polowy has always loved fashion but was horrified when she learned just how destructive and abusive clothing manufacturing can be. This realization inspired her to not only change her own shopping habits, but to also share her knowledge with others. She is passionate about slow fashion, supporting environmentally conscious designers and brands, and teaching others about ethical shopping.

Ethical shopping isn’t the only topic Erin’s blog focuses on. She also covers things such as low waste living, sustainable and ethical beauty, and general minimalism. 

Check out My Green Closet here.

Sweet Sustainability 

Kat from Sweet Sustainability is a recent kinesiology graduate and eco-blogger from Ontario. She created this blog to share her research, tips and tricks, and everything that she has learnt along her journey to a more intentional and sustainable life. She shares blog posts about topics such as low-waste living, ethical fashion, flexitarianism, conscious consumerism, mindfulness, and intersectional environmentalism. 

Check out Sweet Sustainability here.

Luci’s Morsels

Luci from Luci’s Morsels is passionate about living happily and sustainably. Through her blog she shares her journey towards making long-lasting, eco-friendly choices for style, food, beauty, home decor, travel, and family. She hopes to make a sustainable lifestyle stylish and doable for everyone, especially women. Some of her recent blog posts include: seasonal spring recipes, stylish and sustainable shoe companies, and 5 tips for traveling with a toddler.

Check out Luci’s Morsels here.

Mindful Momma—Simple Solutions For Natural Living 

Micela from Mindful Momma created her blog because she wants to help her readers make lifestyle and product choices that are healthy for both the planet and themselves. She believes that it is possible to create a flexible, green, and healthy lifestyle that will not break the budget or add unnecessary stress to one’s life. Her posts cover topics such as: zero waste, sustainable fashion, healthy food recipes, non-toxic cleaning and beauty products, and DIY projects.

Check out Mindful Momma here.

We believe that there is something for every green family on the websites listed above. Check them out, and let's keep sharing our experiences in sustainable living. Stay tuned for more additions to this post, as our community is vast, and thankfully always growing.

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