Your Pits Will Love These Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorants

Feel like a hot mess? Don’t sweat it! It’s just your body doing its job!
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As much as it stinks, sweat is necessary. It’s normal. Seriously. Sweat is your own personal AC, cooling you off when you need it. It’s also part garbage truck and dumps out noxious junk, detoxifying the body. And while it may feel like only your armpits are sweating machines, you actually have millions of sweat glands all over your body—everywhere in fact, except your lips!

Conventional antiperspirants interfere with the important function that perspiration serves. While sweating is necessary, stinking definitely doesn’t have to be! People often equate sweat with body odor (BO), but the truth is sweat itself is odorless. That funk from your pits after a particularly stressful sitch or vigorous workout is actually the result of a commingling of sweat and bacteria. Our armpits and groin are home to apocrine glands that secrete an odorless but nutrient-dense and milky sweat that is super attractive to the bacteria that naturally exists in these areas. When the two get together, the result is oftentimes an offensive offspring: BO. To attack body odor at the source, eliminate that bacteria before it has a chance to hook up with sweat! This can be done using a deodorant that features natural ingredients like tea tree, citrus, or baking soda.

Deo for your BO: Staunch that stench!


Routine deodorant

This little pot does some pretty big work! Rub on some Routine deodorant and get ready for your pits to smell like a Rockstar, a Boss, or even A Girl Named Sue! Also available in baking soda-reduced varieties for the most sensitive of skin, Routine’s clean line of hardworking deodorant creams are free from aluminum, propylene glycol, triclosan, and parabens. Plus, they’re totally purse friendly!


Spritz to your heart’s content with Weleda’s aluminum-free deodorant spray. Relying on the astringent properties and aromatherapy goodness of tea tree oil, sage, Damascus rose, and citrus to combat those creepy armpit stinkers, Weleda’s herbal blends still allow your body to glisten with panache!

Green Beaver

Green Beaver deodorant offers 24-hour protection from odour. Yup, you read right: 24 hours! Made with Ecocert ingredients including Canadian-grown Labrador tea oil, Green Beaver deodorant works as hard as you do! Available in citrus and sage and free from aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and synthetic fragrance!


Keep pits dry and smelling sweet with Schmidt’s natural deodorant. Made with arrowroot and baking soda to help absorb wetness, and scented with essential oils to keep you smelling totally fab all day, Schmidt’s is a gym bag hero, a bathroom champion, and an underarm warrior!