Silicone-Free Silky Skin Superstars

Footloose and artificial-free!
assortment of natural beauty ingredients almonds, oils, beeswax
© Can Stock Photo / almaje

Sure, we all want to be silicone-free with soft, supple, ageless skin. While synthetic ingredients make big claims, the truth is, nothing beats natural, especially for actually healthy skin. While silicone and other synthetic suffocators might have you looking good on the surface, that love affair truly is only skin-deep. You’ll love these all-natural beauties for their personality and their looks!


Body oil and soap

Why settle on just one luxurious body oil when you can try them all? Made with certified organic ingredients, Osmia’s body oil triplet uses your fresh-from-the-shower status as a vehicle to help distribute the oil, meaning fewer ingredients touch your skin, and the stuff that does is heavenly! With oils like lemongrass, lavender, and atlas cedar, you’re sure to find your fave. Made purely, simply, and cleanly, it’s perfect for new moms and those with super-sensitive skin! (Naked is delightful for babies too!) And their Oh So soap is oh-so lovely!


Shower gel and lotion

What’s not to love about a brand whose ethos is “nothing to hide”? Bāsd body care doesn’t just feature organic and super-clean plant-based ingredients, it’s totally scent-sational! Whether you’re lathering up or slathering up, do it with Bāsd shower gels and lotions that feature sultry hints of crème brûlé, sandalwood, or peppermint. And grab their coffee scrub—us grownups need a little messy time too!

Province Apothecary

Healing Eczema Balm

We love Province Apothecary’s holistic view of skin health—from the inside out! Their Healing Eczema Balm contains colloidal oatmeal to soothe skin and reduce inflammation, and zinc oxide to calm redness, itchiness, and irritation. Not solely for eczema, this balm is fantastic at fighting psoriasis, rashes, and rosacea, and superb for dry, chapped skin! Full of delicious, organic skin-loving oils and free from synthetics, anoint yourself with abandon, my friend!

Nourish Organic

Rejuvenating Rose Butter

Everything will be coming up roses with Nourish Organic’s Rejuvenating Rose Butter. Decadent, sumptuous, and pink(!), featuring rosehip oil and shea butter to help improve skin’s tone and elasticity. All Nourish Organic products are USDA organic and NSF certified organic, so no matter which one you pick, you can be sure it’s free from creepy chemicals, synthetics, and fillers, and full of honest, natural, skin-nourishing ingredients! Make sure to try their gorgeous Moisturizing Face Cleanser featuring watercress and cucumber too!