3 Bath-Time Beauty Hacks Your Lymph Will Love

shed the toxins, find deep tissue relief, and reclaim your inner glow
bath time beauty hacks
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Support your lymphatic system and improve your skin’s appearance, texture, and elasticity with these tools that promise to turn your basic bath time into a healing spa ritual!

Happy Gua Sha

Massage It Out!

Help improve blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and firm up skin tone with a Happy Gua Sha. Made from ethically sourced jade, this simple tool can raise your nighttime beauty ablutions to the level of luxurious pre-bed massage! To add even more oomph to your facial massage, try Happy’s super-silent dual-texture roller: the ridged end offers deep tissue massage and is perfect for relieving sore muscles, while the smooth end calms and brings out your skin’s natural glow. sokodistribution.com


Soak It In!

Break a relaxing and rejuvenating sweat steeping in a hot tub infused with Erbaviva Shaping Salt. Featuring certified organic pink pepper, grapefruit, and ginger essential oils that help promote circulation and detoxification, the thermal and therapeutic properties also promote the appearance of tighter, smoother skin. Feel free to rub the salt right on your skin for a little energizing exfoliation! erbaviva.com


Brush It Off!

Eliminate toxic build-up on the skin, encourage lymphatic drainage, and exfoliate your hardworking parts by adopting a dry brush routine with Merben! These must-haves are made sustainably in Sri Lanka using biodegradable timber off-cuts at a small factory with ethical working practices. With options available in jute, sisal, and coconut, there’s a brush for every skin type! Merben also offers 100% biodegradable wet loofah facial sponges handcrafted in Spain and treated with healing thermal water from the hot springs in Caldas de Reis! merben.com

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