A Bounty of Biodynamic Brands We Love!

You'll be over the moon for them too!
farmer carrying basket of produce and herbs
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We definitely have stars in our eyes for these products! When you choose biodynamic you’re getting organic, fair trade, non-GMO, sustainable, regenerative, and good animal welfare practices, all in one certification! (Phew! That’s a big job!) While some of the goods listed below aren’t available in Canada (yet!), it’s heavenly to know that brands are working hard to treat our planet with a little more love.

Crofters Vintage Series

Biodynamic jam

Crofter's blueberry jam

With just two ingredients: biodynamic fruit and biodynamic cane sugar, feel good slathering these Demeter certified jewel-toned jams on just about everything! Perfect for those late-night PB&Js, too. (Shhh, we won’t tell!) Available in apricot, blueberry, and strawberry. (US only) croftersorganic.com


White Leaf Provisions

Biodynamic baby food

White Leaf Provisions biodynamic baby food

Make baby’s first foods count with White Leaf Provisions Demeter certified biodynamic baby food. No matter the palate, your bundle of joy is sure to find a fave with yummy combos like pear, banana, and kiwi, or apple sweet potato, and beet. White Leaf Provisions also offers totally tasty and totally packable applesauce! (US only) whiteleafprovision.com


Calendula baby care products

Weleda baby care products

Calendula’s calming compounds are a match made in heaven for your little one’s tiniest parts and Weleda has calendula in full force with their line of baby products that come with an extra-special pedigree: Weleda was co-founded by none other than Dr. Rudolph Steiner! Using Demeter certified biodynamic agricultural practices this NATRUE certified line of products is a bathroom staple, and they have a line for grown up skin too! weleda.com

Acropolis Organics Bio-Harvest Series

Extra virgin olive oil

Acropolis biodynamic extra virgin olive oil

Lovingly cold-pressed with handpicked Koroneiki olives grown on hilltops overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Acropolis Bio-Harvest Series Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sure to become a family favourite. Produced using the same principles as biodynamic farming, the finished product has a subtle fruity flavour, perfect for cooking and drizzling to your heart’s content. And coming soon: Demeter certified biodynamic olive oil! acropolisorganics.com

Lundberg Family Farms

Biodynamic brown rice

Lundberg Family Farms biodynamic brown rice

You may already keep a stock of Lundberg organic rice in the pantry, but good news, folks: Lundberg’s also got a biodynamic offering! Demeter certified and nutty, this brown short grain rice, is just begging to be tossed into the rice cooker served for dinner! (US only) lundberg.com