Benefits of Avocado Oil and How to Use It

the virtuous avocado’s versatile alter-ego
Benefits of Avocado Oil: Avocado image
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Right now, avocado is king. Seriously. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and bear witness to a glut of perfectly staged, luxuriously laden cornucopias of foodie goodness with avocado as the star. There’s good reason to elevate avocado to almost cult-like status. I mean, it’s practically perfect with its buttery, luscious flesh, and its gorgeous pantone-colour-of-the-year-worthy hue that just begs to have a million likes, reposts, and comments!

And while there’s no slowing down the meteoric rise of the amazing avocado, and definitely no need to put down that avocado-slathered toast (ever!), it’s time to get serious for a moment: there’s a new avocado in town!

That’s right, avocado’s less famous version of itself: avocado oil.

How could avocado get any better?

Avocado oil’s got all the same virtues as the original (it is avocado, after all!). Derived from compressing the whole fruit, the resulting oil is a powerhouse rich in oleic acid (a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, great for heart health) that gives it the distinction of being able to help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad guy) and raise HDL (the good guy). It’s also been associated with aiding in joint pain reduction, lessening of arthritic symptoms, and even in neutralizing free radicals (don’t you just hate it when radicals roam free?!?). And thanks to its high lipid content, avocado oil can help make other nutrients, specifically carotenoids, more bioavailable. There have even been some studies done that suggest avocado oil can penetrate down to the cellular level of mitochondria and improve cell function! Not bad for a relative unknown!

The benefits don’t end there! Avocado oil is gaining popularity both for its incredibly high smoke point (520°F), which makes it perfect for high-heat stir-frying and sautéing, and its light and versatile, almost neutral, taste.

How to pick and use the good stuff 

Now that you’re rushing off to the store to get some, opt for avocado oil that’s organic, virgin, unrefined, and cold-pressed. The oil itself should have a greenish hue, and have a nutty, almost buttery smell.

Use this baby as a substitute for any oil in baking: it’s great in bread and muffins! Pour in a glug when whipping up a stir fry, or mix into your fave homemade salad dressing. It also makes a butt-kicking mayo!

Avocado oil hack!

Use it as a makeup remover and hair saver. Swish around a mouthful for good gum health, rub it on dry, itchy patches, and even apply it to ragged cuticles! Avocado oil’s neutral flavour also makes it a perfect addition to DIY lotions, lip balms, and even fragrances!

Oh avocado, is there anything you can’t do?